My Journey Continues

I never thought I’d hear those words again . . . Cancer . . . But I guess my Journey will continue . . I have started seeing a amazing doctor in Memphis , TN.  at Baptist Cancer Center ! Dr. Kumar is the first doctor who’s actually looked me in the eyes and said the truth . . No big words or false hope . . Just the truth . . . He can try and fix it but it might make the pain worse . . “He will do the best he can” he says . . .

One October 29, 2016 I was 2 years post hysterectomy . . . I had been NED for 4 months this time . . I was only NED 3 months before my Cervical Cancer returned stage 3. I did it last time I can do it again . . I Will Beat This. . Cancer Is Word Not A Sentence ! !

I am 41 years old . . . With 3 kids and 5 grandkids now, 3 step grandkids , one on the way . . . I have to much to live for . . Cancer will not destroy me or my family!


Help Turn January Teal For Cervical Cancer Awareness Month

Cervical cancer is a silent killer in thousands of women every year!!! So many are misdiagnosed with other female problems causing a lot of issues later on because it could of been caught even sooner if the diagnosis had been accurate in the first place!! With regular pap smears and a HPV test early diagnosis is a greater chance of a cure!!! But for women that had put it off for many years symptoms become noticeable but mostly misdiagnosed without a pap smear!! For some it can be cured but the others there is no cure.. Only ways to prelong your life for just a Lil time!!!
If only there was a cure!! Or even more research into cervical cancer! There has to be a way to save our life’s!!! We must find it!! To many women are dieing from this cancer!!! Help me spread awareness for cervical cancer!!! Turn it all teal!!!! Help us make a difference!!! I believe that if breast cancer awareness can inspire people to turn everything pink for October then we can do the same for Cervical Cancer Awareness Month in January!!! We have to spread the word this cancer is not very known but it kills so many women a year!! Let’s help eliminate that number by spreading awareness for everyone to see!!

#tealtough even though it’s #toughbeingteal

My Journey….

My story begins in 1996 with my first abnormal pap smear. I had a biopsy done and they found cancer cells on my cervix I was 3 months pregnant with my 3rd child and I was only 19 years old. They of course discussed aborting my pregnancy but of course I could not do that my child I was carrying I already loved. The 2nd opinion doctor told me maybe when my cervix thinned to give birth maybe they would disappear. Week they didn’t and I had the cells frozen of course the doctors said it was gone and wouldn’t come back. 3 years later I’m pregnant once more my pap was abnormal after my daughter was born! Well I ignored it until I couldn’t ignore it anymore.. Which took 15 years before I was diagnosed due to not having a pap done in all those years..

I was having a lot of pain during intercourse, back pain, bleeding inbetween period cycles, sometimes bleeding for three weeks straight! Then one day I may got to hurting too the point I was about to pass out… My husband rushed me to the local ER.. Of course once again was misdiagnosed with cyst on my ovaries even though I told them it felt like my ovary was being twisted off! They did refer me to the local gyno in my area. I went in and of course they did a pap smear.. Little did I know that I get a call a couple weeks later telling me they needed to see me because of abnormal pap. They did a biopsy and found that I had cervical cancer… It took 2 months to get my blood pressure under control enough to do the surgery in which time the mass I had in my uterus was fastly growing..  It became impossible to wait any longer to have the radical hysterectomy I so badly needed. I was then bleeding everyday for two months and pain beyond more then could be controlled.

So on October 29,2014 I went into surgery to have everything removed including my cervix and vagina walls. Well when I woke up I find out the doctor left a ovary to prevent me from going into menopause.. That ovary caused my cancer to return less then a year later.. So now here I set with cervical cancer all over again.. Ands scared beyond anything!! My journeys not complete but I have told enough for now!!

Please don’t wait about getting your PAP’s now!!!! Get them regularly!! Early detection can save your life from this silent killer called Cervical Cancer!!!cervical_cancer_heart_wings_mousepad (1)

Awareness into Cervical Cancer

How many women really know about Cervical Cancer? How much do they know about this silent disease? Do you know how many women are misdiagnosed because their symptoms matched so many Other things? Thousands of women are dying every year from this disease and still it recieves hardly any recognition. We have to change that! We have to spread the word and get more awareness out there for women.

I’m not a medical doctor ora student of medicine….. I am a patient… a Survivor!  I’m just wanting to spread awareness to all women..

Come Join My Fight